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Mon Nov 27 or Tue Nov 28

With the rapidly approaching final, instead of working on code today you’ll start review. In particular, you are not allowed a note sheet in the final, so in lab today you’ll start reviewing some of the forula you’ll need to memorize (or suggest to Charlotte be included on the formula sheet).

Be strategic:

  • A lot of the test statistics are of the form: \[ \frac{\text{estimate} - \text{parameter}}{\sqrt{\text{Var}(\text{estimate})}} \] You often already know the estimate and parameter, and can just concentrate on memorizing the right form for the variance.

  • Statistics of the above form are also easy to turn into a confidence interval, practice how and then just memorize the test statistic.

  • Which test statistics aren’t of the above form? What do their confidence intervals look like?

  • You’ll also need to remember the reference distribution. Use consistent notation so that you’ll know a statistic with symbol \(Z\) is compared to a Normal, \(t\) to a t-distribution and \(X\) to a Chi-square distribution.

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